Calculator Tool

GloboNote has a built-in calculator function that can evaluate mathematical expressions in a note. Simply type the arithmetic equation without any space and then either press F2 or right click on the note to show Note Menu then select Tools > Compute. The result will be added to the note.

Example: 1+1<F2> will become 1+1=2

It can also evaluate equations with thousand separator or digit group separator. If the evaluated arithmetic equation contains digit group separator, the result will also contain digit group separator.

Example: 1,000*2<F2> will become 1,000*2=2,000

The allowable operations are +, -, * (multiply), / (divide)  and ^ (power). It supports constants Pi and E. It also supports functions Sin[x], Cos[x], Tan[x], Log[x] or Log[x,y], Exp[x] and Sqrt[x]. Note that first character of the function should be in capital letter, you should use square bracket instead of parentheses and there must be no space between the function name and the square bracket. You can use parentheses to specify order of operation.

Log[1]<F2> will become Log[1]=0
Log[10,10]<F2> will become Log[10,10]=1
(1+2)*3<F2> will become (1+2)*3=9

If you attempt a calculation which GloboNote does not support, you will hear a beep sound. No result will be added to the note.