Check Latest Version

GloboNote can be configured to check for updates automatically. If configured, it will notify you with a popup message when a new version was released. If you disable this option you can still check for updates manually inside GloboNote.

Check update automatically

To configure automatic update notification, please read General Preferences. If an update is available, it will prompt you a popup message for you to choose whether to visit GloboNote website and download the new version or to skip this update check.

Check update manually

Below are the steps to check for updates manually:

  1. Right click GloboNote tray icon
  2. Click About GloboNote menu item
  3. In the About GloboNote window, click on 'Click to check for update' text.
    About GloboNote

If an update is available, it will display the new version number for you to download. You can click on the GloboNote link to visit the website and download the latest version.