Create New Note

There are 4 ways you can use to create a new note:

- Using a keyboard shortcut
- Using the Note's menu
- Using the tray icon
- Using the GloboNote menu

Each one of these methods is going to be described in more details below:

1. Create a new note using the keyboard shortcut

GloboNote offers some keyboard shortcuts to easily access commonly used actions. One of these keyboards shortcuts is the "New Note" shortcut. The new note shortcut is "Alt-Shift + N". You need to have a note selected before using this shortcut.

2. Create a new note using the Note's menu

Right click on the note to display Note's menu then highlight GloboNote Menu, in there you will see New Note. Click on it to create new note.

3. Create new note using tray icon

As explained previously in Tray icon section, you can create note by double clicking the icon.

4. Create a new note using the program menu

As explained previously GloboNote offers a program menu from where you can access all its functions. If you would like to create a note using the program menu, then just find the "New Note" item and click on it.