GloboNote menu

Like other sticky notes, GloboNote offers a program Menu from where you can access all its functions, including creating new notes, showing all notes, hiding all notes, changing configurations, etc. The GloboNote menu can be accessed from 2 different locations, as showed below:

  1. Right clicking on the tray icon, like image shown below
    GloboNote tray menu
  2. Right clicking on any note a Context menu will appear, then highlight GloboNote Menu. This is a compact version of GloboNote menu. It only contains most used functions.

Check below to find a description for each item from GloboNote menu:

New Note

Creates a new note. This has the same effect as double clicking on tray icon. By default, this function has a keyboard shortcut of "Alt-Shift + N", which can be pressed when you have selected a note.

Undo Delete

This is where deleted notes are stored. You can restore deleted note by clicking on the note under this menu item. Deleted notes cannot be restored after you restart GloboNote.

Show Notes

This is where hidden notes can be located. Under this menu, there is an option for you to show all notes, show notes by group, show alarmed notes, bring all notes to front and park/unpark notes.

Hide Notes

This is where you have the option to hide all notes, hide alarmed notes or hide by group.

Search Notes

This will open up a Search Window for you to easily search note.

General Preferences

Opens up GloboNote Preference window, where you can customize everything about GloboNote.


Contains Free Memory to free up GloboNote memory.


When selected it will direct you to paypal site for information on how to donate.

About GloboNote

Show GloboNote about window and checks for updates.


Exit GloboNote