Insert Image/Photo

GloboNote allows you to insert image on the note. There are 2 ways you can insert an image:

-Using the Note's menu
-Using Clipboard data

Below explained in details on how to use.

Using the Note's menu

You can insert an image file by right click on the note's menu then go to Insert -> Image. Select the image file you want to insert, it can be a URL or local file.

There is a Create local copy check box in the insert image window. If it was checked, a copy of the image file will be created on GloboNote storage, so even if you move the original image to other location, the image will still be showing on the note.

If Create local copy check box was unchecked, it will just link to the original file.

Using Clipboard data

You can paste image directly to the note from clipboard. For example, you take screenshot using Print Screen key, you can paste the image to the note by pasting it or press "Ctrl + V"

Note: Make sure you don't display too many notes with images. This might eat a lot of resources and make your system slow.