Note's menu

Besides the program menu, GloboNote also offers a note menu for individual notes. To activate note menu, right click on any part of the note. Below is how the note menu looks like: 

Note Menu

This menu allows you to customize each note. Functions that are related are grouped together in a sub-menu. Below will discuss what each item do.

  • Assign to Group - Allows you quickly assign note to a group
  • Properties - Contains the behaviors that was assigned to this note
  • Preferences - Display Preferences dialog that allows you to customize this note
  • Edit Text - Contains the functions to do rich text editing
  • Insert - Insert date, image or file to a note
  • Find/Replace - Display a Find/Replace dialog that allows you to search or replace text in a note
  • Tools - Contain available tools
  • Save Note - Save changes. Normally, you don't need to use this function since GloboNote will automatically save your changes.
  • Print Note - Print this note
  • Import/Export - Import or export note
  • GloboNote Menu - This will give you access to commonly used GloboNote menu items.
  • Hide Note - Hide note
  • Park Note - Hide note temporarily
  • Delete Note - Delete this note. This item is disabled if the note was locked.

There are some menu items that will only show if you click on specific area in the note or there is a selected text.

  • Rename Title - This item will show when you right click on the title bar. It allows you to change note's title.
    Note's Menu - Rename Title