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GloboNote is a 100% free and easy to use desktop note taking application. Packed with useful features that can run on any OS (Windows, Linux, Mac OS). You can use it to create sticky notes, to-do lists, personal journals, reminders and other notes all in one application. There are no limits to the number of sticky notes you can create. Notes can have different colors, assigned to different groups and searched using search tool.

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A simple, easy to use and powerful sticky note

Create reminders

Create alarm in GloboNoteHave meetings or things need to be reminded? Use GloboNote alarm feature! It allows you to set one time only or recurring alarm, play custom alarm sound (wav, mp3, aiff and au), and set snooze timeout.

Rich text editing and styling

Rich text editing in GloboNoteFormat note's text, change its color, font, size, assign paragraph alignment and set note's transparency level. Create note templates and load it using hotkeys(ALT-1 to ALT-8). Right click anywhere on the note to display more editing functions.

And many more...

Other GloboNote featuresAssign notes by group and display/hide notes according to group. Make note sticky by setting it to stay on top, create checklist/to-do lists, insert images/photos and resize the image automatically, attach files and double click to open the file, detect hyperlinks. Click here for complete list.

Latest GloboNote Version
GloboNote 1.5.1 - Oct 15, 2017
Release Notes

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Latest News

(10-15-2017) GloboNote v1.5.1 released!
GloboNote 1.5.1 is available for download. This release added new option to customize alarmed note, fixes several bugs in alarmed note and added shortcut key (Ctrl-Alt-D) to list all visible notesDownload now!

(04-07-2017) GloboNote v1.5 released!
GloboNote 1.5 is available for download. This release focus on improving Note Manager, search UI, note alarm and many bug fixes, updates.. Download now and check blog page for more details!

(03-24-2017) Translate page updated
Updated instruction on how to translate GloboNote to other language. Check it here

(03-01-2014) GloboNote v1.4 released!
GloboNote 1.4 is available for download. Many bug fixes, updates and new features included in this release. You can read more about this release or download now!

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