GloboNote 1.5 Release

After a long time, GloboNote v1.5 is finally available for download! This release focus on improving Note Manager, search UI and note alarm. It contains 20 new features and more than 25 bug fixes and updates including German and Spanish translation updates (Thanks to Christian and Rodrigo)

Below are details of changes:

New Features: 

  • Improved Note Manager. Note manager will now reflect the changes you make in note. When you add or delete a note, note count will be updated automatically. When you modify note content, it will display the updated content in Note Manager without you manually refreshing it.
    - New Recent Activities filter. This filter list recently created, hide, shown, read and modified notes. You can see activities from last 24 hours to last 7 days.
    - Added search and display options. This feature allows you to select the sort order and choose to sort title, date created, last modified, last read or read count. You can also choose whether to display subgroup notes or not.
    - Context menus. Group filter and note list now has context menu that allows you to create new note, add or modify group, show note on desktop, open in new tab, hide note and delete note.
    - Multi-select and Drag and drop support. You can now easily select multiple notes by dragging on the right side of note list. And by dragging left side of note list then dropping it to a group you can reassign selected notes to that group.
    - Open note in tab. If you don't like too many opened notes on desktop. Now you can use Note Manager to open multiple notes in tab.
    Note Manager new features
  • New search result display. Search result now display more contents. One line to display title, one line to display group information and three lines to display note body and date. Matched words are highlighted and note that contain images will display image thumbnail.
    New search display
  • New shortcut keys, global hotkeys and customize keyboard shortcuts. Paste clipboard text to last active note (Ctrl-Alt-V) and bring last active note to front (Ctrl-Alt-B) shortcut keys were added. You can also customize shortcut keys to meet your needs. And you can now create new note (Ctrl-Alt-N) or perform any global actions anywhere on the desktop by using global hotkeys.
    Customize keyboard shortcuts
  • Improved Calculator. Used new calculator library that provides more built-in functions and support variable declaration. Fixed issue when calculating grouped numbers.
    Calculator features
  • Re-implemented note alarm. Rewritten the codes that implement note alarms. This fixed a lot of bugs and allow GloboNote to have more control on alarm state. When an alarm triggers, you are required to tell GloboNote what is the status of that note before you can hide it. You can mark it as completed, ignore it or remind later. When you long press then release remind later button more options will be displayed.
    Alarm popup

Updates/Bug Fixes:

  • Improved responsiveness of Search Note window when large results are displayed.
  • Added support to display checkbox in search result content
  • Optimize query that check to see if search index is empty
  • Revised behavior of tab and shift tab key on checkbox line to indent/de-indent line
  • Fixed note's date not updated when next day started
  • Fixed last sub-bullet list not displayed correctly
  • Fixed recurring alarms might have incorrect next alarm time
  • Updated alarm icon tooltips to provide more useful alarm information
  • Fixed note count value is incorrect after modify group
  • Fixed bug that allow user to disable password protection of Group
  • Make Note Manager filter tree to allow only single selection
  • Changed Note Manager state save format to JSON from XML
  • Fixed Calculator tool cannot calculate grouped numbers
  • Make calculate function to highlight result if expression was highlighted
  • Replaced matheclipse-parser with EvalEx library used in Calculator tool
  • Fixed General Preferences does not show change repository dialog properly
  • Fixed UI issues
  • Replaced shortcut keys that can be triggered using "Alt-Shift-*" to "Ctrl-Alt-*"
  • Improve startup speed by moving some task out of start up process
  • Removed desktop/sticky note windows from task switcher and application list (require Java 7+)
  • Updated GloboNote.exe to fixed java version check issue where the update number was greater than 99
  • Updated Mac release package. Now you can use the latest Oracle's Java Runtime to run GloboNote
  • Updated German and Spanish translations (Thanks to Christian and Rodrigo)

You are always welcome to help translate GloboNote to different language. Visit translate page for more information. Hope you like this release. Please leave your feedback on how you think about this release.

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