GloboNote 1.4.1 Release

GloboNote v1.4.1 is available for download! This version contains several bug fixes, new features and support Italian translation (Thanks to Franz)

Below are details of changes:

New Features: 

  • Create new note from clipboard. Allows you to automatically paste clipboard content into new note. This can be done by using shortcut key Alt-Shift-C or in context menu GloboNote Menu > New from Clipboard
    New note from clipboard context menu
  • Format note using document styles. Use predefined heading style (H1 to H6) to format your note.
     Sample of Heading styles
  • Added Italian translation (Thanks to Franz)

Updates/Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed to avoid alarming note to get focus when it pops up
  • Fixed issue that prevent user to create note and search note.
  • Fixed some area on title bar that does not respond to move note action
  • Adjusted how NoteWindow determine caret position change when note was modified
  • Added Shift-Enter key support to auto indent next paragraph if previous paragraph is a checkbox or list
  • Modified the behavior of Enter key on indented paragraph
  • Fixed keyboard shortcuts for different OS
  • Fixed bug that prevent note to roll up when clicking on title bar
  • Updated derby db version to
  • Fixed Increase Font Size was not disabled when note was locked
  • Fixed bug that does not prompt error message when GloboNote was opened more than once
  • Improved text field for setting alarm time in Alarm Setting window. Use left or right key to move between hour/minutes.
  • Fixed bug that allow some keys to modify content of locked notes
  • Make Control Bar buttons easier to click
  • Fixed Undo/Redo function on style changes
  • Fixed behavior of ENTER key on empty list and checkbox
  • Removed drop shadow effect for notes that are not set to display always on top
    Normal note vs Sticky note UI

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