List of Features

  • Platform Independent. Run on Windows, Linux or MacOS (Requires Java 6 or higher installed).
  • Set Alarms/Reminders. Create alarms and remind yourself of important events. Set recurring alarm, play custom sound, supports wav, aiff and mp3.
  • Create checklist. Create to-do list by inserting checkboxes. Smart checklist creation. Auto insert checkbox when user press enter.
  • Create application link. Create link to an application and double click to launch the application.
  • Search Notes. Locate your notes using the search tool. Search while you are typing.
  • Build-in Calculator. Enter the calculation in the note then press F2.
  • Hide/Show/Park note. Hide or Park unwanted note.
  • Organize notes in group. Assign note to a Group. Quick access to last used groups. Display/Hide notes according to group.
  • Attach files. Attach file on note then double click to launch it.
  • Attach image. Attach images on notes. Auto resize image to fit the note.
  • Paste image from Clipboard. Take screenshots using keyboard shortcut PrtScr (Print Screen) and paste it to note.
  • Restore deleted notes.
  • Lock note. Lock note to prevent unintended editing or deletion of note
  • Export note. Export note as plain text.
  • Multilingual. Support Traditional and Simplified Chinese and Polish, Spanish, German translations
  • Print note
  • Colorful note. Customize the looks of notes. Change color, font and behavior of your note.
  • Note templates. Save the current note's settings as template and load it using hotkeys(ALT-1 to ALT-8).
  • Move or Resize note. Move your note to anywhere on your desktop. Resize note by dragging note edges.
  • Always on top. Make note to always stay on top of other window.
  • Roll-up note. Make note to auto roll-up when not used.
  • Compact roll-up. Make size of rolled-up note smaller to avoid consuming too many spaces on your desktop.
  • Transparency. Make note transparent when not editing.
  • URL Detection. Support hyperlink detection. Press Ctrl to activate it and click on the detected link to launch appropriate application.
  • Find and Replace. Find and replace content of the note
  • Rich text editing. Change font and size. Make it bold, italic, underline or strike-through.
  • Highlight text. Highlight text by changing foreground or background color.
  • Paragraph alignment. Left, right or center paragraph alignment





Latest GloboNote Version
GloboNote 1.5.1 - Oct 15, 2017
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