GloboNote keyboard shortcuts reference

Keyboard shortcuts allows you to perform an action in GloboNote by pressing a combination of keys on your keyboard. Using keyboard shortcuts increase your productivity. Below is a list of default keyboard shortcuts available in GloboNote (v1.5).


What it doesShortcut key
Create new note (updated) Ctrl+Alt+N
Create new note and paste clipboard text (new) Ctrl+Alt+C
Paste clipboard text to last active note (new) Ctrl+Alt+V
Bring last active note to front (new) Ctrl+Alt+B
Bring all notes to top (updated) Ctrl+Alt+T
Park desktop notes (updated) Ctrl+Alt+P
Search notes (updated) Ctrl+Alt+S
Show Note Manager (updated) Ctrl+Alt+M
Show all notes (updated) Ctrl+Alt+A
Hide desktop notes (updated) Ctrl+Alt+H

Note shortcuts

What it doesShortcut key
Open note preference window Alt+Enter
Open find and replace window Ctrl+F
Find next F3 or Ctrl+G
Find previous Shift+F3 or Ctrl+Shift+G
Lock note Ctrl+L
Password protect note Ctrl+Shift+L
Always on top Ctrl+T
Roll up note Ctrl+R
Toggle auto roll up note Ctrl+Shift+R
Compact roll up Alt+R
Print note Ctrl+P
Apply profile/themes 1 to 8 to note Alt+1 to 8
Delete Note Ctrl+F4
Park Note Ctrl+.
Save Note Ctrl+S
Hide Note Ctrl+H


What it doesShortcut key
Copy text Ctrl+C
Paste Ctrl+V
Cut text Ctrl+X
Decrease font size Ctrl+[
Increase font size Ctrl+]
Bold text Ctrl+B
Italic text Ctrl+I
Underline text Ctrl+U
Strike through text Ctrl+-
Remove text styles Ctrl+=
Select all text Ctrl+A
Open change font window Ctrl+D
Select all text Ctrl+A
Align text left Alt+Left
Center text Alt+Up
Align text right Alt+Right
Justify text Alt+Down
Insert Date Ctrl+Shift+D
Attach File Ctrl+Shift+F
Insert Image Ctrl+Shift+I
Insert Numbered List Ctrl+Shift+7
Insert Bulleted List Ctrl+Shift+8
Calculate F2

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