Search Notes

If you used GloboNote for a while and created a lots of sticky notes, it will be hard to find the sticky notes you have created using Show Notes menu. GloboNote provides a search tool that you can search related note by typing in a keyword.

There are 3 ways to open Search Window:

-Using the keyboard shortcut
-Using the Note's menu
-Using the program menu

Below will discuss in details

Using the keyboard shortcut

GloboNote offers some keyboard shortcuts to easily access commonly used actions. One of these keyboards shortcuts is the "Search Note" shortcut. The search note shortcut is "Alt-Shift + S". You need to have a note selected before using this shortcut.

Using the Note's menu

Right click on the note to display Note's menu then highlight GloboNote Menu, in there you will see Search Note. Click on it to display Search Note window.

Using the program menu

As explained previously GloboNote offers a program menu from where you can access all its functions. If you would like to search note using the program menu, then just find the "Search Notes" item and click on it.

Below is the Search Note window

Search Note

In Search Note window, you type in the keyword of your sticky note and it will display a list of notes related to the keyword you type. You can double click on the list of search result to display the sticky note or you can right click on the item to display more option.